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Calendar of Events

Conferences & Meetings

1-4 April 2019
APAC-20: 20th Asia-Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference
Bangkok, Thailand
7-8 April 2019
SAE High Efficiency IC Engine Symposium
Detroit, Michigan, USA
9-11 April 2019
WCX SAE World Congress Experience
Detroit, Michigan, USA
5-7 May 2019
Health Effects Institute (HEI) 2019 Annual Conference
Seattle, Washington, USA
7-9 May 2019
Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum China
Shanghai, China
14-15 May 2019
International VDI Conference: Electrified Off-Highway Machines
Düsseldorf, Germany
15-17 May 2019
23rd International Transport and Air Pollution (TAP) Conference
Thessaloniki, Greece
15-17 May 2019
40th International Vienna Motor Symposium
Vienna, Austria
21-22 May 2019
IAV International Conference on Calibration Methods and Automotive Data Analytics
Berlin, Germany
20-24 May 2019
Course: Real Drive Emissions (RDE) and NOx and Particulate Control
Leeds, UK
5-6 June 2019
Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Asia Pacific
Tokyo, Japan
5-6 June 2019
ERC Symposium: “Technologies to meet Ultra-Low NOx Standards”
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
University of Wisconsin
6-7 June 2019
31st International AVL Conference “Engine & Environment”
Graz, Austria
10-14 June 2019
29th CIMAC World Congress
Vancouver, BC, Canada
17-18 June 2019
8th International Congress on Combustion Engines
Krakow, Poland
17-20 June 2019
23rd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles
Zurich, Switzerland
24 June 2019
2nd Conference on Combustion Research in Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
25-27 June 2019
Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum Europe
Munich, Germany
27 June 2019
Integer Emissions Testing Conference
Munich, Germany
27-28 June 2019
VERIFI workshop—Argonne National Laboratory
Lemont, IL, USA
1-2 July 2019
15th International CTI Conference: SCR Systems
Stuttgart, Germany
15-19 September 2019
ICE 2019—14th International Conference on Engines & Vehicles
Capri, Naples, Italy
24-25 September 2019
3rd Annual Real Driving Emissions Forum
Berlin, Germany
25-26 September 2019
Integer Emissions Summit & AdBlue Forum India
New Delhi, India
7-9 October 2019
28th Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology
Aachen, Germany
14-15 October 2019
1st Conference on Sustainable Mobility (CSM2019)
Catania, Italy
20-23 October 2019
ASME Internal Combustion Engine Fall Technical Conference (ICEF 2019)
Chicago, IL, USA
22-24 October 2019
AVL International Simulation Conference 2019
Graz, Austria
28-30 October 2019
Integer DEF Forum USA
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
12-13 November 2019
Integer Emissions Summit USA
Indianapolis, IN, USA
26-27 November 2019
Integer DEF Forum Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
22-24 September 2020
SAE 2020 International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Meeting
Krakow, Poland