Technical Papers

Papers and reports on diesel engines and emissions

Emulsified Biodiesel Fuel Effects on Regulated Emissions

P. Grimes, W. Hagstrand, A. Psaila, J. Seth, J. Waldron
Alternative Petroleum Technologies

Economics of Emission Reduction For Heavy Duty Trucks

Ravi Krishnan , Krishnan & Associates Inc.
T.J. Tarabulski , Combustion Components Associates

Particle Emissions From a EU 3 Heavy-duty Diesel Engine with Catalyst-based Diesel Particle Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction System: Size, Number, Mass & Chemistry

Jon D Andersson1, Carl A Jemma1, Dirk Bosteels2, Robert A Searles2
1 Ricardo Consulting Engineers, Shoreham-by-Sea (UK)
2 Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst (AECC), Brussels (BE)

Nanoparticle Emissions from Particle Filter-Equipped Diesel Car

Jan Czerwinski , University of Applied Sciences Biel
Markus Kasper , Matter Engineering AG

Diesel Emissions Reference List: Health Effects, Measurement and Control

Win Watts , Erin E. Ische
University of Minnesota, Center for Diesel Research

Filter List: Verified Particulate Trap Systems for Diesel Engines

VERT filter recommendation supported by Swiss BUWAL and SUVA
Version: 1 October 2000

Impact on H-D Vehicle Emissions of Three Diesel Fuels with Varying Temperature of 95% Distilled

Kerstin Grägg
MTC report #6923, September 2000

New Engine and Pollution Control Technology

Lars Eriksson
MTC report #6901, March 2000

Particle Emissions from two HD Vehicles Fueled with RME and Biogas

Claes de Serves
MTC report #6809B, November 1999

Eolys Fuel-Borne Catalyst for diesel particulates abatement: a key component of an integrated system

Jacques Lemaire
Rhodia Terres Rares

Verified Particulate Trap Systems for Diesel Engines: "Filter List"

VERT filter recommendation officially supported by BUWAL (Swiss EPA) and by SUVA (Swiss occupational health agency)
Version: 1 August 1999

Effectiveness of Particulate Traps on Construction Site Engines: VERT Final Measurements

A. Mayer (TTM), U. Matter (ETHZ), J. Czerwinski (AFHB), N.Heeb (EMPA)

Selection Criteria For Diesel Particulate Trap Systems: Vert Experience

Andreas Mayer

Available particulate trap systems for diesel engines

Report TTM W04/4/98, Version 5, 22.10.98

VERT: Curtailing Emissions of Diesel Engines in Tunnel Sites

Andreas Mayer

NOx Adsorbers for Diesel Applications: General Considerations and Operational Issues

Owen H. Bailey
ASEC Manufacturing

Diesel Exhaust: A Critical Analysis of Emissions, Exposure, and Health Effects

Kathleen Nauss
Health Effects Institute

Biodiesel Use in Underground Metal and Non-metal Mines

Steve Howell and J. Alan Weber
MARC-IV, LLC, Consulting