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Emission Test Cycles

ADAC Highway Cycle (BAB 130)

Time-speed data points

The ADAC highway cycle is a chassis dynamometer test that has been developed by ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.) as part of the EcoTest car testing protocol [2625]. The highway test cycle is referred to as BAB 130, where BAB stands for Bundesautobahn (German for federal highway) and 130 is the maximum speed in km/h.

The ADAC EcoTest—introduced in Germany to provide consumers with information on the eco-friendliness of cars—involves testing that goes beyond applicable legal requirements. The EcoTest evaluates both CO2 and pollutant emissions (HC, CO, NOx, PM, PN). Since 2012 (version 3.0), EcoTest testing is performed over three test cycles: (1) the NEDC, (2) the WLTP and (3) the BAB 130. Based on the results, the vehicle is assigned a one to five star EcoTest rating that is displayed on a label on new vehicles.

The BAB 130 test, Figure 1, includes three segments:

  • A warm-up segment, 0-199 s
  • Phase 1, 200-470 s
  • Phase 2, 471-741 s

The test is performed with air conditioning on (set for 20°C), with open air louvers and with the fan operating at a quarter power.

Figure 1. ADAC Highway Cycle—BAB 130

Acknowledgement: Information for this article contributed in part by ADAC.