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Fuel Regulations

EU: Fuels: Biodiesel

EN Biodiesel Standards

Several standards establish the specifications for biodiesel fuels in the European Union:

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  • EN 14214 includes specifications for fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) fuel for diesel engines. B100 that meets this standard could be used unblended in a diesel engine (if the engine has been adapted to operate on B100) or blended with petroleum diesel fuel.
  • EN 590, the European diesel fuel specification, is also applicable to biodiesel blends up to 7% of FAME.
  • EN 16734 covers diesel fuel with biodiesel up to 10% FAME
  • EN 16709 covers diesel fuel with 14% to 20% FAME or 24% to 30% FAME

Table 1 summarizes the generally applicable requirements and referee test methods for EN 14214 [6213].

Table 1
Generally applicable requirements and test methods for EN 14214
PropertyUnitLimitsReferee Test Method
FAME% (m/m)96.5-EN 14103
Density @ 15°Ckg/m3860900EN ISO 12185
Viscosity @ 40°Cmm2/s3.505.00EN ISO 3104
Flash point°C101-EN ISO 3679
Cetane number-51.0-EN ISO 5165
Copper strip corrosion (3h @ 50°C)RatingClass 1EN ISO 2160
Oxidation stability (@110°Ch8.0-prEN 15751
Acid valuemg KOH/g-0.50EN 14104
Iodine valueg iodine/100g-120EN 14111
Linolenic acid methyl ester% (m/m)-12.0EN 14103
Polyunsaturated (≥4 double bonds) methyl esters% (m/m)-1.00EN 15779
Methanol% (m/m)-0.20EN 14110
Monoglycerides% (m/m)-0.70aEN 14105
Diglycerides% (m/m)-0.20EN 14105
Triglycerides% (m/m)-0.20EN 14105
Free glycerol% (m/m)-0.02EN 14105
Total glycerol% (m/m)-0.25EN 14105
Watermg/kg-500EN ISO 12937
Total contaminationmg/kg-24EN 12662
Sulfated ash% (m/m)-0.02ISO 3987
Sulfurmg/kg-10.0EN ISO 20846 or EN ISO 20884
Group I metals (Na+K)mg/kg-4.0EN 14538
Group II metals (Ca+Mg)mg/kg-4.0EN 14538
Phosphorusmg/kg-4.0EN 14107
a – when blended with diesel fuel, the value in Table 5 applies.