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Subscription Benefits

DieselNet subscribers receive:

  1. open bookUnlimited access to Technology Guide papers and other subscriber-only online documents. Subscribers can view more information in many public access documents, including emission standards and news articles. Remember to log in before browsing through the site.
  2. DieselNet Update (ISSN 1718-3537)—a monthly newsletter that saves you time and money by bringing the information you need directly to your desktop:
    • progress in emission control technologies
    • new emission regulations
    • industry news
    • engine emission related internet resources
    • upcoming technical meetings and conferences
    • changes & additions to DieselNet

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Types of Subscription & Pricing

Available types of subscription are listed in the table. More details on subscriptions for groups of users—Multi User Subscription and Network Subscription—are available by email. Please provide your email address in the respective field and click the “Send” button.

TypeAccessPrice*How to subscribe
World orders
Canada (with HST)
Single User Subscription
Basic single user subscription. User name & password $360$490
Multi User Subscription
Subscription for small groups of users from one organization. User name & password $720 for up to 4 users
$100 each additional user
$980 for up to 4 users
$115 each additional user
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Network Subscription
Unlimited number of users receive online access to subscriber-only content and the DieselNet Update newsletter. IP address $5,760
$1,440 university
$1,960 university
More information...
* Note: All prices for a 1 year period. World orders (outside Canada) are processed in US dollars and are tax free. Canadian orders are processed in Canadian dollars and prices include 13% HST.