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Emission Standards

Argentina: Heavy-Duty Engines

Emission Standards: MY 1994-2005

Emission standards for new, model year 1994-2005 diesel fueled trucks and buses in Argentina are summarized in Table 1 [Decree 779/95]. The standards were based on European heavy-duty engine emission regulations. The standards were also applicable to engines used in light commercial vehicles (LCV), as indicated.

Table 1
Emission Standards for Diesel Trucks and Buses: MY 1994-2005
1994Euro 011.22.4514.4-Urban buses
1995Euro I* buses
1996Euro I* & trucks
1998Euro II4. buses
2000Euro II4. & trucks
* production conformity limit
a multiply by a factor of 1.7 for engines below 85 kW

Emission Standards: MY 2006 and Later

Since 2006, Argentina has been adopting EU heavy-duty emission standards by reference. The implementation schedule is summarized in Table 2.

Table 2
Emission Standards for Diesel Trucks and Buses: MY 2006 and Later
New ModelsAll Models
Euro III20062007Resolution 731/2005 [2766]
Euro IVa20092011Resolution 731/2005 [2766]
Euro V20162018Resolution 35/2009 [2770], 1434/2011 [2769], 1800/2011 [2768], 1448/2012 [2767], 1464/2014 [3201], Directive 2005/55/EC [1569]
a Euro III certifications are allowed for engines in heavy vehicles (> 3500 kg) until 31 December 2015.