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Emission Test Cycles

RTS 95 Cycle

Time-speed data points

The RTS 95—also referred to as RTS Aggressive or RTS 95 Aggressive—is a chassis dynamometer test cycle representing aggressive driving, including urban, rural and motorway segments. The vehicle speed during the RTS 95 test is shown in Figure 1.

The cycle has been developed based on a subset of the WLTP database, with high representation of high speed and load engine operating points. The acronym RTS is derived from standardized random test and 95 refers to aggressive driving style. While the phrase ‘standardized random test’ qualifies as an oxymoron, it is apparently a reference to the TNO Random Cycle Generator that was used to generate the RTS 95 cycle.

The RTS 95 cycle has been used for the European RDE (Real Driving Emissions) development work by several vehicle and component manufacturers. The test can be considered an approximation of the upper limit for highly dynamic driving and the worst case emissions during RDE testing.

[SVG image]
Figure 1. RTS 95 test cycle

Selected parameters of the RTS 95 test cycle are:

  • Total time: 886 s
  • Distance: 12.927 km
  • Maximum speed: 134.45 km/h
  • Average speed: 52.52 km/h
  • Average speed excluding stops: 56.68 km/h
  • Maximum acceleration: 2.62 m/s2
  • Average acceleration: 0.73 m/s2

The acceleration was calculated using central difference method.

This article based in part on information submitted by Kurt Engeljehringer of AVL.