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Fuel Regulations


Selected specifications for diesel fuels (“diesel fuel oil”) in Korea are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1
Diesel Fuel Specifications
PropertyAutomotive DieselMarine Diesel
Pour point, °C, maxSummer: 0.0
Winter: -17.5
Summer: 0.0
Flash point, °C, min4040
Kinemtic viscosity @40°C, mm2/s1.9-5.51.9-6.0
Distillation 90%, °C, max360360
Carbon residue on 10% residue, % m/m, max0.150.20
Water & sediment, % v/v, max0.020.02
Sulfur, max10 mg/kg1 % m/m
Ash, % m/m, max0.020.01
Cetane number, min52a40
Copper Strip Corrosion (100°C, 3h), max11
CFPP, °C, max-16b-
Lubricity @60°C, HFRR WSD, µm, max400-
Density @15°C815-835-
Policyclic aromatic content, % m/m, max5-
Aromatic content, % m/m30-
FAME content, % v/v, max5-
a - 48 from November 15 to February 18
b - applicable only from November 15 to February 28