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Emission Standards » Korea

Heavy-Duty Engines

Emission standards for heavy-duty diesel truck and bus engines are listed in Table 1. Early standards were based on Japanese emission requirements. Since 2003, Korean emission standards are based on European regulations.

Table 1
Emission Standards for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
1993.016-mode 980†670†350† IDI
750† DI
1996.0113-mode 4.901.2011.00.90
1998.0113-mode 4.901.206.0 (9.0)*0.25 (0.50)*
2000.0113-mode 4.901.206.00.25 (0.10)*
2002.0113-mode 4.901.206.00.15 (0.10)*
2003.01ESC 2.10.665.00.10Euro III
ETC 5.450.785.00.16
2006.01ESC 1.50.463.50.02Euro IV
ETC 4.00.553.50.03
2009.09ESC 1.50.462.00.02Euro V
ETC 4.00.552.00.03
2014.01WHSC×1011Euro VI
* applies to buses
JP 6-mode test, limits expressed in ppm

Several of the above standards also have smoke opacity requirements which are not listed in the table.