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Emission Standards

Thailand: On-Road Vehicles and Engines

Vehicle emission standards in Thailand are developed by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), an agancy within the Ministry of Industry, and the Pollution Control Department (PCD), an agancy of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Thai emission regulations are based on European emission standards and test procedures. The regulations are published as Thai Industrial Standards (TIS).

Emission standards for light-duty vehicles—passenger cars and light commercial vehicles—are summarized in Table 1. The dates are applicable for new types, all types must comply one year later. Emission standards for heavy-duty truck and bus engines are summarized in Table 2.

Table 1
Emission Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles
DateEU Reference StandardThai Standard
1997Euro 1TIS 1440-2540 gasoline
TIS 1435-2540 diesel
1999Euro 2TIS 1870-2542 gasoline
TIS 1870-2542 diesel
2006Euro 3aTSI 2160-2546 gasoline
TSI 2155-2546 diesel
2012Euro 4b
a Without EOBD
b With EOBD, without in-use conformity
Table 2
Emission Standards for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
DateEU Reference StandardThai Standard
1998.05Euro I
2000.05Euro IITIS 1295-1998
2008.01Euro IIITIS 2315-2550
2012.01Euro IVTIS 2315-2551