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Emission Standards

Turkey: On-Road Vehicles and Engines

Light-Duty Vehicles

Turkey adopts European emission standards. The requirements for domestic vehicles are outlined in the following table (the dates are for new type approvals, one year later for all types). Imported vehicles must comply with the current EU standards.

Table 1
Emission Requirements for Light-Duty Vehicles
2001Euro 1M1 diesel
Euro 3M1 gasoline, no OBD
2008Euro 4
2010Euro 5M1 and N1 Class 1
N1 Class 2/3 from 2012

Heavy-Duty Engines

Heavy-duty highway engines are required to meet European standards:

  • Euro I effective 2001.01 for new type approvals and 2001.10 for all types [Reg 24249-SGM 2000/77]
  • Euro IV effective 2007.01
  • Euro V effective 2011.01
  • Euro VI effective 2015.01

Fuel Quality

Effective January 1, 2008, new limits were introduced for sulfur in diesel fuels:

  • 50 ppm S in diesel for commercial (highway) vehicles,
  • 1,000 ppm S in diesel for ag tractors.