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Emission Standards

Brazil: Nonoad Diesel Engines

In July 2011, CONAMA adopted Resolution 433/2011 [2620] limiting exhaust emissions and noise from new construction and farm machinery. Referred to as PROCONVE MAR-I, it is the first legislation to regulate emissions from nonroad mobile machinery in Brazil. It sets limits equivalent to USA Tier 3 and EU Stage III A for nonroad diesel engine emissions.

MAR-I emission limits are phased in from 2015 to 2019. The implementation dates depend on the power category and type of machinery (construction or farm), as shown in Table 1. Noise emission limits apply from 2015 for certain types of construction machinery with engines rated below 500 kW.

Table 1
MAR-I Emission Standards for Nonroad Engines
Rated PowerDateCONOx+HCPM
130 ≤ P ≤ 5602015.012017.
75 ≤ P < 1302015.012017.
37 ≤ P < 752015.012019.
19 ≤ P < 372017.012019.

Emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 8178-1.