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Emission Standards

China: Locomotives

Emission standards for locomotives and other rail traction engines are published by the State Railway Administration. TB/T 2783-2017 specifies the limits for emissions from diesel engines for railway traction and methods for determining such emissions. The standard applies to diesel engines for railway traction, new traction equipment for railways or diesel engines reinstalled with existing traction equipment. It does not apply to special-purpose locomotive diesel engines (such as for refinery or mining locomotives) and diesel engines with output power less than 100 kW.

Table 1 lists the locomotive emission standards. These standards are based on UIC and EU NRMM Stage IIIA standards. EPA Tier 2 locomotives are also claimed to be acceptable, and development of locomotives capable of meeting EPA Tier 3 and 4 and EU NRMM Stage IIIB is being encouraged [4395].

Table 1
Locomotive emission standards
Application dateEmission limitsTest cycle
2003.01UIC IIISO 8178, Cycle F
2006.01 (Railcars)Stage IIIAISO 8178, Cycle C1
2009.01 (Locomotives)Stage IIIAISO 8178, Cycle F