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Fuel Regulations

India: Fuel: Biodiesel

Properties of biodiesel—defined as a fatty acid alkyl (methyl or ethyl) ester for use as blending component in diesel—are specified in the Indian Standard 15607:2005. The standard is based mainly on the European specification EN 14214, with some specifications taken from the ASTM D 6751 standard.

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There are also certain differences between the Indian standard and the EN/ASTM specifications, in part reflecting the focus on different feedstocks (such as jatropha and pongamia):

  • A number of specifications are not included: mono-, di- and tri-glycerides; poly unsaturated methyl ester; linolenic acid methyl ester; and low temperature properties (CP, CFPP, PP).
  • Some parameters are only to be reported: Na, K, Ca, Mg and iodine value.
  • The specification includes limits on both methanol and ethanol.