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News Archive 2012

December 2012

Huss closing down its European diesel retrofit facilities

US EPA tightens NAAQS standards for PM2.5

NREL and Johnson Matthey announce five-year collaboration on biofuels

German carmakers start clean diesel initiative in the USA

California verification for Cleaire LongMile-S particulate filter

GE announces Tier 3 / Tier 4i marine engines without exhaust aftertreatment

November 2012

Conference report: 10th FAD Conference

Call for Papers: ASME ICE 2013 Fall Technical Conference

IEA releases 2012 World Energy Outlook

HEI to launch new diesel epidemiology project

BASF building its largest European emission catalyst plant

October 2012

Kubota engines certified to Tier 4/Stage IIIB standards

MAN presents first IMO Tier III diesel engine utilizing EGR technology

Conference report: 18th DEER Conference

Cleaire recalling LongMile diesel particulate filter

Dow to exit particulate filter business

Navistar and Cummins finalize supply agreements

California verification for 13" diameter CRT filter

EU proposes limits on the use of crop-based biofuels

Bosch, DEUTZ, and Eberspächer dissolve their exhaust aftertreatment joint-venture

IEA: Global map of oil refining and trade to be redrawn over next 5 years

US EPA awards $30 million for clean diesel projects

September 2012

Conference report: ASME 2012 ICE Fall Technical Conference

IEA: Fuel efficiency of road vehicles can be improved by 50% by 2050

Ecocat celebrates hydrolysis catalyst delivery milestone

ULSD corrosion issues may be caused by ethanol

US EPA sets 2013 biomass-based diesel volumes at 1.28 bill gallons

BMW unveils new engine family with 1.5 L BMW TwinPower Turbo engine

Tognum to introduce Tier 3 MTU locomotive engines for North America

Delphi introduces 2,700 bar heavy-duty common rail injection system

NREL selects partners for new high performance computer data center

Cleaire to offer heavy-duty emission testing services

August 2012

US EPA adopts final NCP rule, allows Navistar to sell non-compliant engines

US EPA/NHTSA issue final GHG and fuel economy standards for MY2017-2025 light-duty vehicles

China Green Vehicle Forum to focus on clean diesel technology

J.D. Power: EPA emission-compliant engines increase in problems, decline in satisfaction

GE announces Tier 4 heavy-haul locomotive

Union Pacific, EMD to test emission-controlled locomotives in California

Bosch introduces 2,500 bar common rail system for commercial vehicles

MECA survey: Retrofit device sales in California continue at slow pace

July 2012

ASTM approves modified biodiesel specification

EU proposes to implement 2020 CO2 emission targets for cars and vans

European Commission announces €8.1B call for proposals under its Seventh Framework Programme

Navistar adopting urea-SCR technology

Volvo unveils new Euro VI truck engine

June 2012

Conference report: 4th CTI NOx Reduction Conference

DDC unveils engine technology to meet US 2014 GHG standards

US court ruling blocks Navistar from selling nonconforming engines

IARC classifies diesel exhaust as carcinogenic to humans

US court rules diesel exhaust not hazardous waste

Westport and Caterpillar to develop natural gas engines for off-road equipment

May 2012

Conference report: ASME 2012 ICE Spring Technical Conference

Global carbon dioxide emissions increase by 3.2% in 2011 to record high

MECA releases diesel retrofit sales figures for 2011

Emerald Biofuels to build renewable diesel refinery in Louisiana

Pegasor announces sensor calibrations for particle mass and number

Cummins to acquire SCR dosing business from Hilite

Conference report: Emission sessions at SAE 2012 Congress

April 2012

Neste Oil sold first batch of NExBTL diesel to the US market

Perkins unveils new Tier 4/Stage IV engine models

US DOE, DOI and EPA partner to coordinate research on unconventional gas and oil

ACES Phase 3 study finds few health effects from US 2007 engines

DAF announces PACCAR MX-13 Euro VI engine

US EPA releases Report to Congress on Black Carbon

Call for Papers: CIMAC Congress 2013

SwRI launches Particle Sensor Performance and Durability consortium

March 2012

Cummins reveals Euro VI technology path

Mercedes-Benz announces E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID

CO2 emissions from new vehicles in Australia much higher than in Europe

Mercedes-Benz unveils new OM 93x medium-duty engine family

Study: Gasoline emissions dominate over diesel in secondary organic aerosol formation

ATD report: US EPA underestimated costs of truck emissions compliance

Diesel Exhaust in Miners Study links lung cancer to diesel exposure

GM and PSA Peugeot Citroën create global alliance

February 2012

California ARB extends verifications of Johnson Matthey, Huss filters

US EPA investigating Navistar for emission violations

Thomas announces fuel economy tests of urea-SCR and EGR school buses

VanDyne SuperTurbo™ raises $8 million in equity financing

Linde Engineering purchases Choren’s Carbo-V® Technology

Perkins announces new engines for power generation

Wärtsilä and MAN enter Phase III of HERCULES project

MOL developing particulate filter for marine heavy oil applications

January 2012

California ARB approves LEV III emission standards

Cummins announces ISX12 heavy-duty diesel engine

New 6-cylinder diesel with 3 turbochargers for BMW M Performance models

Mazda commences production of Mazda CX-5 with SKYACTIV-D diesel engine

Yanmar introduces new range of Tier 4 diesel engines

Navistar loses court case against US EPA, may be running out of NOx credits

Lufthansa successfully concludes NexBTL aviation biofuel tests

Call for Papers: ASME ICE 2012 Fall Technical Conference

US EPA adopts 2012 renewable fuel standards

California low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) blocked by court