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News Archive 2007

December 2007

US EPA adopts NO2 limit from retrofit technologies

European Commission proposes legislation to control CO2 emissions from cars

Court upholds California GHG regulation

Shell and HR Biopetroleum build facility to grow algae for biofuel

Johnson Matthey to buy Argillon

California proposes regulation to reduce diesel emissions in ports

US EPA issues ANPR for Category 3 marine engines

November 2007

Neste Oil to build a NExBTL plant in Singapore

Cummins announces Tier 4/Stage IIIB technology

European Commission publishes initial Euro VI proposal

Eberspächer buys Purem

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to ban old diesel trucks

BASF supplying SCR catalysts for Beijing buses

Chevron and NREL to collaborate on research to produce biofuels from algae

International to comply with 2010 emission standards without SCR

October 2007

Miratech introduces new catalyst substrates

European Parliament proposes mandatory CO2 emission limits from passenger cars

Daimler introducing new heavy-duty engine platform

Call for Papers: ASME Internal Combustion Engine Spring Technical Conference

Mercedes launching E320 Bluetec in California

Mazda develops catalyst material structure using nanotechnology

US EPA requested to control GHG emissions from ships

September 2007

Cummins announces engine technology for 2010

Ricardo announces Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions without NOx aftertreatment

Scania introduces Euro V engines without aftertreatment

US EPA sued over ship emission regulations

August 2007

GM demonstrates HCCI concept vehicles

Tenneco acquires mobile SCR business of CCA

Nissan developing SULEV diesel engine

Grundfos to supply urea dosing systems to China

National Express Group suspends biodiesel trials

July 2007

California ARB adopts rule to reduce diesel emissions from off-road equipment

Denso and Bosch to build DPF plant in Poland

European Commission launches Euro VI consultation

US CCSP releases climate change report

Canada announcing biofuel subsidies

June 2007

US DOE funding three bioenergy research centers

Pittsburgh launching Healthy School Bus Fund

Rypos DPF receives California Level 3 verification

DaimlerChrysler introducing new smart fortwo cdi

PMP publishes light-duty inter-laboratory correlation report

US EPA funding clean diesel projects in Northeast

Umicore to acquire catalyst business of Delphi

First diesel school bus retrofitted in Puerto Rico

May 2007

European Council adopts Euro 5/6 emission standards

GE unveils hybrid road locomotive

DaimlerChrysler introducing Mercedes-Benz hybrid bus

United States to develop GHG emission regulations from vehicles and engines

Cerberus to take over majority interest in Chrysler

London launching Low Emission Zone

IPCC WGIII AR4 report analyzes mitigation options of climate change

April 2007

Particle number limit added to Euro 5/6 proposal

Corning aluminum titanate filters selected by Hyundai, Kia

Nissan to launch diesel Maxima in United States in 2010

ConocoPhillips to produce next generation renewable diesel fuel

US refiners to receive biofuel credits for refinery-made biodiesel

California ARB verifies retrofit EGR-DPF system

IPCC WGII report analyzes future impacts of climate change

US Supreme Court decides CO2 is a pollutant

March 2007

US EPA publishes guidance document for using urea-SCR

US MSHA DPM rule upheld by court

Neste Oil and Stora Enso to develop biofuels from wood residues

US EPA proposes new emission standards for locomotives and marine engines

February 2007

Delphi announces ammonia sensor for SCR systems

Volvo to buy Nissan Diesel

Call for papers: ASME ICE Fall Technical Conference

Honda presenting clean diesel engine in Geneva

European Commission proposes CO2 emission regulation for new cars

IPCC adopts major assessment of climate change science

ArvinMeritor sells its Emissions Technologies Group

BP funding Energy Biosciences Institute

European Commission proposes new transportation fuel standards

January 2007

Pirelli and LiqTech in SiC filters cooperation

DaimlerChrysler unveils Dodge Ram Heavy Duty BLUETEC truck

Union Pacific testing DOC on railroad locomotive

Tennessee announces diesel retrofit grants

European Commission proposing energy and climate change strategy

Mercedes, VW showcase BLUETEC diesels in Detroit