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News Archive 1999

December 1999

Ultra-thin wall ceramic catalytic substrate from Denso

US EPA signs final Tier 2 emission standards and gasoline requirements for light-duty vehicles

GM and Honda in engine cooperation

Johnson Matthey's CRT filter commercially available in the USA

ARCO offers ultra low sulfur diesel in Southern California

Cummins and Wartsila to split their European joint venture

Urea SCR catalysts installed at Mobil

Siemens buys diesel injection pump manufacturer

US EPA adopts final marine engine emission rule

CleanAIR announces new emission testing facility

Exxon and Mobil merger approved by the US government

November 1999

Delphi announces agreement to purchase Lucas Diesel Systems

Revised draft assessment of possible diesel health hazards published by the US EPA

EU takes next step to finalize heavy-duty Euro III-V standards

Marine panel presentations posted on ASME web page

Westport and Cummins launch dual fuel project for heavy-duty trucks

Lockheed Martin to build hybrid electric propulsion system for army line-haul tractor

Draft air toxics study published by SCAQMD

Ruling against EPA ozone, PM standards upheld by court

EMA study estimates cost increase to produce low sulfur diesel fuel

October 1999

Hong-Kong buses to be retrofitted with catalytic converters

Texaco receives DOE grant to design Fisher-Tropsch plant

Peugeot and Ford extend their diesel engine cooperation

US EPA, California ARB, reveal plans on new HD diesel emission standard

Emission reduction demonstration program to be launched in California

DEEP investigates diesel traps in underground mines - RFP

DaimlerChrysler and HJS to form emission control joint venture

September 1999

Volvo licenses new emission control system from STT

Delphi to develop plasma aftertreatment technology

Hybrid diesel electric car prototype from Ford

Isuzu opens diesel engine plant in Poland

SwRI announces CLEAN DIESEL-III consortium program focusing on low emission diesel technology

Siemens Diesel Systems Technology to build new injector plant in South Carolina

BP Amoco launches a Clean Fuels Program in the Paris Region

August 1999

VW and Toyota in engine alliance

Revision of EU fuel standards: Stakeholders will meet during CEN/TC 19 Symposium

Lubrizol to develop diesel fuel - water blends

New rules for permitting of stationary diesel engines in California

Panel Session on EPA Exhaust Emission Regulations for Marine Diesel Engines Planned for ASME ICE Division 1999 Fall Technical Conference

Caterpillar introduces IMO emission compliant marine engines

German government calls for particulate traps on diesel cars

Volvo buys Scania

Lubrizol to develop additives for GTL fuels

July 1999

Germany to introduce low-sulfur fuels ahead of schedule

Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel in Paris

EPA announces Integrated Urban Air Toxics Strategy

MECA concludes diesel emission controls evaluation program

Volvo Penta builds diesel plant in China

USA sues Toyota over car emission violation

GM to introduce new Isuzu diesel engine in 2001 pickup trucks

EMA petitions California ARB to reconsider listing diesel particulates as toxic air contaminant

US government appeals court ruling on EPA standards

June 1999

Engelhard to manufacture auto-emission catalysts in China

Presentations on EPA locomotive regulations posted on the web

SCR catalyst system installed on diesel excavator

Siemens Diesel Systems Technology moves to South Carolina

Isuzu Motors opens diesel engine plant in Poland

Corning to build catalyst substrate plant in South Africa

ARB, SCAQMD measure pollutants in vehicles

Clean Diesel Technologies to license CRT trap from Johnson Matthey

Chevron and Sasol form Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) joint venture

EMA asks EPA to modify proposed Tier 2 rule

Navistar demonstrates trap-fitted diesel bus

Diesel epidemiology report from HEI

May 1999

3rd Nanoparticle Workshop - Call for papers

TRW to sell Lucas Diesel Systems

US ozone and particulate matter standards remanded by appeals court

Delphi invests $14 million in ASEC

Optimized idle on DDC bus engines

US EPA proposes Tier 2 emission standards for light duty vehicles

April 1999

India introduces car emission standards

New BMW engineering and testing center in California

Germany considers taxes on high sulfur fuels

Detroit Diesel intends to remain independent

Navistar announces plans for new engine plant

California forms Fuel Cell Partnership

New instrument for nanoparticle measurement

Peugeot to introduce particulate traps

Corning to build catalyst substrate plant in China

BP Amoco to buy ARCO for $26.8 bln

March 1999

More hybrid diesel-electric vehicles from GM

Navistar and Siemens finalize diesel injector joint venture

Nissan, Renault form $5.1 billion alliance

MECA calls for 30 ppm sulfur diesel fuel

Mark IV to acquire Lombardini FIM S.P.A.

EU pushes Korea, Japan on car CO2 emissions

February 1999

Bosch to acquire majority in Zexel Corp

US EPA to propose Tier 2 light-duty emission standards

Diesel Issues Forum organized by API

HEI Diesel Workshop: Building A Research Strategy To Improve Risk Assessment

Proceedings from the '98 nanoparticles workshop

Variable air composition for diesel engines—a new technology from Argonne

Panel discussion of new EPA locomotive exhaust emission regulations planned for ASME ICE Division conference

Diesel-electric propulsion for military vehicles

IMPCO forms joint venture with Beru

January 1999

TRW buys LucasVarity

Ford buys the car business of Volvo

Class action lawsuits against Turbodyne Technologies

Volvo buys 13% of Scania

Cummins certifies its ISB diesel engines for EPA Clean Fuel Fleet Vehicle LEV standard

India will lower sulfur content in diesel fuels

Proceedings from the MSHA panel at the 1998 ASME Conference

Octel acquires additive business of Pluto GmbH

Lockheed Martin to deliver more diesel electric propulsion systems for New York City buses

Cummins and Scania form a joint venture

UPS to test diesel electric hybrid vehicle