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News Archive 2010

December 2010

Call for papers: ASME ICE 2011 Fall Technical Conference

Johnson Matthey to demonstrate DPF technology on switch locomotive at LA ports

JRC releases report on reducing GHG, SOx emissions from shipping

California relaxes in-use diesel emission rules

Caterpillar launches Tier 4i generators

US DOE announces $30 million for biofuels research

Transport Canada opens consultation on locomotive emission regulations

ASTM to launch new standards activity on SCR-urea

November 2010

US EPA adopts final 2011 renewable fuel standards

Miratech V-CAT receives approvals for locomotive and marine EMD engines

China Yuchai delivers first National V diesel engines

Neste Oil starts up renewable diesel plant in Singapore

US EPA soliciting proposals for 2011 clean diesel grants

October 2010

Conference report: 16th DEER Conference

Caterpillar to unveil first North American Cat vocational truck

United States propose fuel economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

Caterpillar to buy MWM

Caterpillar and Navistar joint venture launches highway trucks in Australia

Emitec acquires Grundfos NoNOx

United States to establish 2017-2025 light-duty vehicle GHG standards

Johnson Matthey introduces EcoNOx catalytic converters

September 2010

Johnson Matthey DOC verification extended after in-use tests

Conference report: ASME ICE Fall Technical Conference

Cummins commences production of nonroad Tier 4i/Stage III B engines

Johnson Matthey opens new SCR catalyst plant in Shanghai

Canada adopts final Renewable Fuel Regulations

California ARB estimates premature deaths linked to fine particulate pollution

August 2010

Conference report: 14th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

US EPA proposes Caribbean Emission Control Area

Peugeot unveils first production diesel hybrid vehicle

Caterpillar sued over C13/C15 engine problems

Volvo receives US EPA Tier 4i certification for D11 engine

US EPA verifies Johnson Matthey retrofit SCRT system

July 2010

Delphi launches new, high pressure SCR dosing system

US EPA and California ARB examine urea-SCR engine certification requirements

Navistar testing ‘fluid economy’ in competing trucks with 2010 engines

Nett retrofit urea-SCR system receives EPA verification

ECS particulate filter with syngas regeneration listed on US EPA Emerging Technology List

MECA releases diesel retrofit sales figures for 2009

US EPA proposes 2011 renewable fuel percentage standards

Conference report: 2010 CIMAC Congress

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions buys CleanAIR Systems

June 2010

US EPA proposes amendments to new stationary engine emission standards

EU introduces system for certifying sustainable biofuels

NRC report assessing fuel economy technologies for light-duty vehicles

Alliance formed to convert waste CO2 into diesel fuel using solar energy

Caterpillar unit to acquire Electro-Motive Diesel

May 2010

United States to develop fuel economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks

Shale natural gas stimulates demand for NG vehicles

Clean Diesel Technologies and Catalytic Solutions plan to merge

Paccar MX engine receives US EPA 2010 certification

Conference report: 31st International Vienna Motor Symposium

April 2010

Conference report: 2010 SAE Congress

Pegasor announces real time exhaust PM sensor

Johnson Matthey opens new emission control catalyst plant in Macedonia

Caterpillar announcing Tier 4i emission technologies

New instrument measures PM distribution in particulate filters

Renault-Nissan and Daimler announce strategic cooperation

US EPA, DOT adopt fuel economy and GHG standards for light-duty vehicles

March 2010

IMO designates North American Emission Control Area (ECA)

GE and Umicore to commercialize lean NOx catalyst

In-use NOx emissions from Euro V trucks higher than anticipated

Carbon Motors to use BMW diesel engines for US police cars

JCB to launch Tier 4i engine without aftertreatment

Navistar receives first EPA emission certification for 2010 engine

Port of New York/New Jersey launches clean truck program

Case to use EGR, urea-SCR on Tier 4 engines

British Airways, Solena to develop jet biofuel plant

Emitec supplies metallic catalyst substrates to Cleaire

February 2010

Cummins penalized for Clean Air Act violations

US EPA adopts final emission rule for existing stationary engines

California ARB releases LEV III proposal

California delays enforcement of off-road equipment regulation

Fuel industry challenges California Low Carbon Fuel Standard

US EPA adopts 2010 renewable fuel standard

January 2010

DDC 2010 engines receive EPA emission certification

Paccar launches MX engine in North America

US EPA strengthens air quality standard for nitrogen dioxide

US DOE funding algae-, biomass-based biofuels research consortia

HEI releases comprehensive report on health effects of traffic-related air pollution

Cummins 2010 engines receive EPA certification

US DOE announces $187 million in grants to improve vehicle efficiency

US EPA proposes to strengthen air quality standards for ozone

Bosch to invest $423 million in India