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News Archive 2003

December 2003

US engine manufacturers announce technology plans for 2007

International will meet US 2007 requirements without SCR or NOx adsorbers

Mazda launching DPF-equipped light Bongo truck

Sasol launches GTL venture in Qatar

SwRI wins EPA contract for development of hybrid vehicle technologies

Horiba awarded EPA contract for HD engine emission test equipment

EU to miss its GHG emission targets

November 2003

Lubrizol’s Purifilter verified by US EPA, approved by UK VCA

Ford opens Dagenham Diesel Centre in the UK

Diesel particulate filters as standard on VW Passat

Engelhard to expand emission catalysts capacity in China

Sensors introducing SEMTECH QCM, MPS particulate mass instruments

October 2003

Seattle ordering 235 diesel electric hybrid buses

European Parliament, Council reach agreement on Stage III/IV standards for off-road engines

Shell investing $5 billion into Qatar GTL project

Toyota launching Avensis with D-CAT, DPNR emission system

CDT receives EPA verification for Platinum Plus Purifier retrofit system

California ARB publishes school bus pollution study

Diesel retrofit program started in Tokyo

Schenck to supply emission test systems to EPA’s NVFEL laboratory

California finalizes PM control rule for garbage trucks

September 2003

Bosch to produce diesel particulate filters by 2005

France announcing “clean vehicle” program

Clean Fuels Technology receives California verification for emulsified diesel fuel

Report on “external” costs of electricity and transport released by EC

Faurecia, Tenneco to supply particulate filters for Mercedes-Benz

Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler in diesel engine partnership

Horiba wins EPA contract for on-board emissions test systems

Volkswagen unveils diesel particulate filter systems

Audi launching particulate filters on TDI models

Kemira Metalkat Oy becomes Ecocat Oy

TSI launches new engine exhaust particle sizer

Caterpillar receives EPA certification for another ACERT engine

August 2003

Denver offering free truck repairs to reduce emissions

EMA releases urea-SCR infrastructure study

US MSHA proposes new rules on DPM exposure

GM Europe announcing particulate filters on Vauxhall, Opel cars

OMG sells its precious metals group to Umicore

Japan to propose new emission standards for nonroad engines

Horiba receives test equipment contracts from the US EPA

Mercedes announces particulate filters on diesel cars

July 2003

Catalytica testing fuel processors for NOx adsorber systems

Cleaire to distribute Lubrizol’s Combifilter

AVL to supply emission sampling system for US EPA

SwRI launches fourth Clean Diesel consortium

Audi launches Euro 4 compliant V6 diesel

Sensors introduces NO/NO2 measuring instrument

Sensors licensing EPA emission measurement technology

June 2003

San Francisco MTC to retrofit 1,700 buses with Cleaire Longview system

Australia initiating emission and fuel standards review

US EPA announces a clean school bus grant program

Engine manufacturers reach agreement on NTE limits and in-use testing with US EPA and California ARB

CleanAIR particulate filter system verified in California

Jaguar introducing diesel car models

EU Parliament votes for 0.5% sulfur content in marine fuel

May 2003

Donaldson retrofit DOC system verified by the US EPA

Electrostatic diesel particulate trap from Per-Tec

TSI introducing new particle sizing instrument

Whitman resigns as the Administrator of the US EPA

California ARB verifies Cleaire Flash and Match™ oxidation catalyst system

Mazda to introduce particulate filters on small commercial vehicles

EU greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase

California ARB verifies Donaldson catalyst system for nonroad engines

Catalytica to test diesel fuel processors for NOx adsorbers

OMG to supply catalyst technologies for Cleaire

April 2003

Cleaire “Longview” emission control system verified by California ARB

Calls for Papers: ETH Combustion Particles, THIESEL Diesel Engines Conference

Sensors, Ford to partner in development of on-board emission analyzers

R&P wins EPA contract for on-vehicle PM measurement instrument

Tier 4 nonroad engine emissions and fuel proposal published by the EPA

US EPA settles air pollution cases with ADM, Alcoa, secures funds for school bus retrofits

US EPA to provide funding for diesel retrofit programs

US EPA starting Clean School Bus campaign

March 2003

Japan adopts 2005 diesel emission standards

CleanAir/CDT receive order for additive-regenerated filter for mines

EMA issues technical statement on biodiesel

Toyota settles lawsuit with the USA, will retrofit school buses with emission controls

MIT study finds diesel hybrids offer better efficiency and GHG emissions than fuel cell vehicles

Renault introduces particulate filters on diesel cars

February 2003

German UBA finds increased NOx emissions in Euro 2 trucks

ACGIH withdraws proposed TLV for diesel particulates

PSA Peugeot Citroën and Ford unveil new diesel engines

US MSHA does not issue “approvals” for diesel particulate filters

US EPA signs final emission standards for Category 3 marine diesel engines

Rotec to road test its FreedomAir engine technology in North America

European Parliament endorses zero-sulfur fuel directive

January 2003

Horiba launches “Eco-Drive” demonstration of its mobile exhaust measuring system

Particulate sizing instrument from Sensors

Caterpillar ACERT™ engine certified by the EPA

Engelhard catalysts selected for use in Hong Kong retrofit program

European Commission proposes Stage III emission standards for nonroad diesel engines

CleanAir particulate filter system passes US MSHA NO2 tests

US EPA releases draft technical report on emission effects of Lubrizol’s PuriNOx diesel/water emulsion