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News Archive 2005

December 2005

Lubrizol sells Engine Control Systems business

Donaldson DMF muffler receives California verification

US EPA proposes new PM2.5 standard

European Commission proposes Euro 5 emission standards

Cleaire Horizon particulate filter verified by California ARB

California adopts emission regulations for port equipment and ships

European Commission adopts Biomass Action Plan

Mercedes-Benz launching retrofit PM catalyst system for C- and E-Class models

Pennsylvania promoting coal gasification technologies

November 2005

EU Parliament considering post-Kyoto CO2 reduction strategies

Report outlines synthetic crude research roadmap

DDC recalling particulate filters, turbochargers on urban bus engines

Volkswagen selects Corning DuraTrap AT diesel particulate filters

Palm oil biodiesel arrives in the USA

New Jersey approves diesel retrofit funding

International estimates price increases for 2007 trucks

Fleetguard opens SCR systems plant in South Africa

October 2005

Volvo unveils US 2007 truck engine family

New York City ordering 500 hybrid diesel-electric buses

NYSERDA announcing $1,300,000 clean diesel technology solicitation

California ARB releases port emission study

US crude oil reserves continue to decline, NG still increasing

Call for papers: Thiesel 2006

September 2005

European Commission proposes Thematic Strategy on air pollution

Johnson Matthey to build autocatalyst facility in Korea

Study compares particulate emissions from hybrid and conventional buses

Diesel hybrid concept from DaimlerChrysler

Volvo introducing Euro IV/V truck engines

Scania unveils line-up of Euro IV, Euro V engines

August 2005

EPA announces West Coast Collaborative diesel grants

Cummins, Scania to produce Xtra-High Pressure Injection system

CRT filter verified for use with B20 biodiesel

Shell acquires stake in BTL producer CHOREN

GM, Bosch, Stanford in joint HCCI development program

Diesel programs in US energy bill

July 2005

Study questions energy balance of bioethanol and biodiesel

California adopts OBD requirements for heavy-duty engines

Corning to expand its particulate filter manufacturing plant

European Commission publishes draft proposal for Euro 5

European Commission proposes CO2-based car taxation

US EPA proposes emission standards for stationary diesel engines

June 2005

CO2 emissions from new cars in the EU decreased in 2003

US Senate proposes $1 billion in funding for diesel emissions reduction programs

US MSHA adopts final rule on DPM exposure in underground mines

Scania unveils Euro IV/V bus engines

US EPA signs final rule on in-use testing for heavy-duty diesel engines

Delphi to supply diesel common rail system to Mercedes

May 2005

New York to adopt California GHG emission standards

US EPA to fund nonroad diesel emission control demonstration projects

Bosal and Delphi form strategic exhaust alliance

Urea-SCR retrofit demonstration project launched in New York City

Cummins demonstrating highly efficient 2007 compliant engine prototype

April 2005

City of Santiago launching diesel retrofit program

Engelhard introducing palladium-containing diesel catalyst technology

New EU directive mandates sulfur reductions in heavy marine fuels

Johnson Matthey receives California verification for EGRT system

SwRI forms joint-venture in China

Finnkatalyt wins Hong Kong retrofit contract

Argillon and DCL sign cooperation agreement

Canada reaches GHG emission agreement with automakers

Retrofit particulate filters for Mercedes passenger cars

March 2005

Caterpillar introducing exhaust gas recirculation in 2007 engines

New York City to buy hybrid diesel-electric buses, not CNG

EMA files court action over California engine reflash rule

Fiat to focus on manufacturing car engines, transmissions

CRT and CCRT filters verified for first EGR-equipped engines in California

Fleetguard supplies diesel retrofit products in Mexico City program

Study predicts growth of HCCI engines in heavy-duty powertrains

Lubrizol to supply DOCs for New York school buses

Orion completes first hybrid bus order for NYC

February 2005

Japan to propose new diesel emission standards

Peugeot announces one-millionth filter-equipped car

California ARB to re-introduce NO2 limit in retrofit equipment verification

International to enter Class 8 truck engine market

EPA partners with Eaton to develop hydraulic hybrid technology

California ARB extends verification of CleanAIR Systems particulate filter

Johnson Matthey receives California verification for CCRT filter

German manufacturers skeptical about Toyota D-CAT, NOx adsorbers

Fiat, GM dissolve their partnership

California ARB extends verification of CRT filter for 2003-2004 engines

EPA extends verification for DOC systems by Johnson Matthey

January 2005

Ford to test EPA’s Clean Diesel Combustion technology

California ARB verifies retrofit SCR system

EC publishes Euro 5 fiscal incentive guidelines, forms CARS 21 group

GM introduces diesel electric Opel Astra concept

AVL and Sensors enter marketing agreement for SEMTECH analyzers

AVL receives contract for EPA calibration standards lab

Caterpillar speaking against urea-SCR technology

Ford unveils diesel-electric concept car

V6 diesel engine from Mercedes