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News Archive 2001

December 2001

Fuel quality changes in Australia

SwRI research consortium to study contaminants’ effects on engine emissions and control systems

TNO and Engelhard develop SCR catalyst system for trucks

John Deere approves biodiesel fuel blends for its products

Lubrizol to Provide PuriNOx fuel technology for blending of BP’s Aspira fuel

EU Environment Council reaches agreement on mandatory introduction of “sulfur free” diesel and gasoline

CleanAir receives orders for retrofit programs

New York announces Clean School Bus Program

Plasma catalyst in Peugeot 206 demonstration model

November 2001

Conoco and Phillips agree to merger

Diesel sessions planned for the 2002 North American Mine Ventilation Symposium

AVL to acquire majority stake in Pierburg

European Commission proposes to encourage alternative fuels, starting with biofuels

US EPA upholding nonroad engine Tier 3 regulation, but future legislation uncertain

October 2001

Ford unveils California ULEV II diesel car prototype

Caterpillar confirms ACERT technology for highway and off-highway engines

Corning to open new diesel emission control products manufacturing facility in 2004

US EPA adopts equipment verification process for the voluntary diesel retrofit program

Engelhard DPX filter receives California verification for most 1994 and newer HDD engines

JM CRT particulate filter receives California verification for most 1994 and newer HDD engines

NOx control projects receive DOE grants

September 2001

US EPA to regulate emissions from large nonroad SI engines

DDC developing 2004-compliant Series 60 engine

Delphi to supply common rail injection systems for PSA Peugeot Citroen and Hyundai-Kia

BorgWarner receives turbocharger order from Peugeot

US EPA upholding the 2007 emission standards

German UBA in support of particulate filter technology

August 2001

Engelhard investing in diesel emission control

HEI study looks into human health risk from cerium diesel fuel additive

NRC issues 7th independent review of the PNGV program

First DPF technologies verified for use in California diesel retrofit programs

US industry accuses OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH of “Secret Rulemaking”

July 2001

NAS report calls for reform of CAFE program

EPA praises Navistar for its “Green Diesel Technology”

US MSHA scheduling seminars on DPM rules

Major particulate filter retrofit program launched in Puget Sound

Volvo engines for US market to use cooled EGR

US MSHA finalizes diesel rule for non-coal mines

Ford to introduce compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block

June 2001

Woodward buys Bryce diesel fuel injection business from Delphi

East Coast Hybrid Consortium to assist transit agencies in implementing hybrid diesel electric bus technologies

Horiba to join Schenck-Ricardo joint venture

Thermodenuder for conditioning emission samples for ultrafine particle measuring from Dekati

US EPA upholds the Consent Decree schedule

Horiba Instrument consolidates Engine Measurement Division in Ann Arbor, MI

Litex sues Delphi for NTP patent infringement

California ARB proposes Refuse Removal Vehicle Rule

Cummins terminates new engine development

May 2001

Navistar negotiating engine supply agreement with Volvo

US EPA sued over the mobile air toxics rule

BP sponsors school bus retrofits in Los Angeles

Bush administration upholds coal mine diesel rule, delays non-coal mine rule

NGK invests in SiC particulate filter production

Cummins ends discussions with Navistar

EU proposes 10 ppm sulfur limit in diesel, gasoline fuels

EU launches “Clean Air for Europe” program

More diesel hybrid buses in California

Navistar, Cummins in $200 million engine venture talks

Final biodiesel rule approved by Bush administration

ALA releases “State of the Air 2001” report

April 2001

Degussa sells dmc2

John Deere introduces Stage II/Tier 2 engines

DDC renews Series 40 engine agreement with International

2nd draft of the Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter from the US EPA

BorgWarner turbochargers for Renault diesel engines

NYC to reduce sanitation truck emissions

March 2001

Corning opens catalytic converter substrate plant in Shanghai

Lubrizol to sell PuriNOx fuel in Italy

Capstone microturbine for hybrid diesel-electric vehicles certified by California ARB

Lubrizol to blend and distribute CDT’s Platinum Plus additive

US MSHA schedules seminars on the new coal mine diesel rule

Johnson Matthey opens new autocatalyst manufacturing facility in the UK

A study analyzes the impact of NAFTA cross-border transportation on air pollution

New SwRI research consortium examines the effects of NOx controls on PM emissions

Garrett investing in VNT turbocharger technology

Westport in dual fuel engine joint venture with Cummins

Cummins in support of cooled EGR technology

Caterpillar announces new emission technology

February 2001

US2007 diesel fuel and emission standards confirmed by Whitman

EPA ozone and PM2.5 standards upheld by the US Supreme Court

AVL to expand with new North American facility

Delphi to supply injection systems for a new Renault engine

Cummins to supply engines to PACCAR

ACGIH proposes new TLV for diesel particulates

DDC, Engelhard launch retrofit diesel particulate filter kit

NGK opens catalytic converter substrate plant in Africa

January 2001

SwRI forms research consortium on diesel aftertreatment sensitivity to lubricants

Navistar buys Maxion—a Brazilian engine manufacturer

US EPA reaches its diesel retrofit target

Diesel emission research association founded in Dresden, Germany

21st Century Truck Program releases technology roadmap

US MSHA adopts two final diesel rules for underground mines

DaimlerChrysler forms new business unit for engines and components

US DOE adopts biodiesel final rule

EU proposes emission standards for small utility engines

Final Mobile Source “Air Toxics” rule signed by the US EPA