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News Archive 2002

December 2002

ArvinMeritor to buy remaining interest in Zeuna Starker

European Council and Parliament reach agreement on sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuels

Kemira to supply catalysts for Hong Kong retrofit program

German environmental groups start “No Diesel Without Filter” campaign

November 2002

European Commission adopts strategy to control emissions from ships

Study compares emissions from low-emission diesel and natural gas school buses

US EPA quantifies emission effects of biodiesel

Donaldson diesel oxidation catalyst system verified for use in California retrofit programs

SwRI starting heavy-duty diesel engine benchmarking program for 2002 engine models

October 2002

Sweden in favor of synthetic fuels, but future of diesel cars uncertain

Ibiden launches diesel particulate filter production in France

DDC receives EPA certification for Series 60 engine

PuriNOx receives EPA fuel registration

UK Particle Measurement Programme report published by Ricardo

Rhodia Eolys additive chosen by PSA Peugeot-Citroen, Ford

September 2002

US EPA signs emission standards for large nonroad SI engines and recreational marine diesel engines

CEP’s SXS-B particulate filter with CDT fuel additives passes US MSHA tests

Corning sells NoTox to a Danish investor group

European Commission proposes new car taxation strategy

Aquazole water-diesel fuel emulsion to enter North American market

Engelhard expanding diesel emission control capabilities

US EPA publishes final Health Assessment Document For Diesel Exhaust

August 2002

Sensors Inc. supplies emission measuring systems to EPA, DDC

DDC submits applications to the EPA to certify Series 60 engine

UK adopts CO2 emission reduction targets from future vehicles

Lubrizol’s Cattrap passes US MSHA tests

US EPA finalizes 2004 nonconformance penalties for truck and bus engines

Rim’s “Trap-Muffler” system chosen for evaluation by Korean Ministry of Environment

July 2002

New on-board emission measuring system from Sensors Inc.

US EPA proposes new emission standards for motorcycles and gasoline-fueled recreational boats

Engelhard opens an e-commerce site for sales of emissions control products

DDC releases information on its 2002 “pull-ahead” Series 50 engines

California global warming bill signed into law by Governor Davis

HORIBA announces on-board exhaust gas measuring system

MSHA, mining industry reach settlement on diesel particulate

Particulate filter report from Danish Ministry of Traffic

Fleetguard’s Emission Solutions forming emission control systems partnerships

Caterpillar submitting engine for ’02 certification; ATA petitions to reopen 2004 regulation

California legislature passes greenhouse gas emission bill

June 2002

US EPA delays nonroad engine emission standards proposal until 2003

New particle measurement instruments from Dekati

US EPA releases risk estimates for 33 toxic air pollutants

May 2002

Final biodiesel standard published by ASTM

US EPA proposes emission standards for large marine diesel engines

SwRI offering coolant chiller testing

US2007 diesel emission standards and fuel rule upheld in court

ALA publishes “State of the Air 2002” report

April 2002

SwRI opens turbocharger test facility

California ARB compares diesel and CNG bus emissions

Denso to start manufacturing diesel common rail systems in Thailand and Hungary

Japan’s Environment Ministry to propose new 2005 diesel emission standards

Sasol in partnership with Japanese consortium

California ARB to finalize verification procedure for retrofit diesel emission controls

Cummins engine receives EPA certification to October 2002 standard

March 2002

Cooled EGR, internal EGR on Mack diesel engines

Toyota to start field tests of the DPNR emission control system

Dyne Systems acquires eddy current dynamometer manufacturers

Engelhard announces an EGR patent

RFP, San Diego oceanside high speed low emissions ferry demonstration program

Fleetguard and 3M Automotive in joint diesel exhaust emission control development program

Cummins forming Fleetguard Emission Solutions

Sierra Instruments introduces networking software for its Model BG-2 sampler

Particulate filters from Engelhard on Stamford buses

February 2002

Highway diesel fuel supply in the USA will meet 2006 demand, say engine manufacturers

Japan unveils plans for new 2005 diesel emission standards

Taylor Dynamometer acquires diesel product business form SuperFlow

Engelhard particulate filters for New York City buses

Japan considering “sulfur-free” gasoline, diesel

Ebersp?cher and Accentus in joint development of a plasma-based diesel particulate filter

Cummins unveils 2003 Turbo Diesel Engine for Dodge Ram pickups

US EPA to develop verification procedures for fuels, fuel additives, and SCR retrofits

Revisions in California emission control strategy verification procedure

January 2002

EU to control pollution from oceangoing ships

NOx reduction included in Swedish Environmental Zones program

Sierra Emissions Division launches new web site

US EPA proposes non-conformance penalties for HD engines unable to meet 2004 emission standards

US DOE starts Freedom CAR, retires PNGV

NYC to retrofit sanitation vehicles with diesel particulate filters