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News Archive 2014

December 2014

Call for Papers: ASME ICE 2015 Fall Technical Conference

US to increase DERA funding for clean diesel projects

Navistar closing Indianapolis foundry

EU reaches agreement on truck Weights and Dimensions Directive

Tenneco introduces SCR system for large marine engines

November 2014

Nett Technologies announces marine DPF system

New Delhi ordered to scrap older vehicles

Deere introduces retrofit DPF kit for legacy machines

US EPA proposes to strengthen NAAQS standards for ozone

Haldor Topsøe announces second SNG plant in China

California ARB developing approval procedure for aftermarket DPFs

IEA releases World Energy Outlook 2014

T&E: Car makers increasingly manipulate EU fuel economy data

October 2014

Conference report: ASME 2014 ICE Fall Technical Conference

World Medical Association calls for more stringent diesel emission standards

EU agrees on climate emission targets for 2030

California MATES IV study: Cancer risk from air toxics reduced by 65%

EU proposal allows unrestricted use of high-carbon crudes and fuels

September 2014

EU proposes Stage V emission standards for nonroad engines

Westport announces SI natural gas technology for medium-duty trucks

Canada announces post-2016 emission regulations for light-duty vehicles

FST receives R&D 100 award for RF-DPF sensor

Peugeot introducing new Euro 6 engines, 208 HYbrid Air demonstrator

Ricardo reveals ADEPT 48V ‘intelligent electrification’ diesel car

SwRI launching consortium to develop new dynamic bearing test rig

August 2014

Rolls-Royce completes acquisition of RRPS/Tognum

Mercedes S500 equipped with gasoline particulate filter (GPF)

Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel receives LEV III emission certification

MECA: DPF retrofits for trucks and buses in California see uptick in sales

CDTi launches DuraFit™ replacement diesel particulate filters

July 2014

NIST study: Ethanol blends cause severe corrosion in gasoline tanks

Testo introduces testo 320 oxygen analyzer

Kubota announces Tier 4 engines without DPF

BASF inaugurates catalyst plant in Poland

Cummins announces development of E-85 engine

Conference report: 18th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

June 2014

India releases Auto Fuel Vision and Policy 2025

Haldor Topsøe to establish automotive catalyst production in Brazil

Nett BlueMAX NOVA 300e SCR+DPF System verified by California ARB

Scania introduces Euro VI engine without EGR

MHI turbocharger combines electric-assist and variable turbine functionality

Canada proposes Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations

Nett MD 300 diesel oxidation catalyst verified by US EPA

May 2014

Conference report: 4th BOSMAL Emissions Symposium

Nett BlueMAX™ 300D SCR system receives EPA verification

European Commission sets out strategy to control CO2 emissions from trucks, buses and coaches

MIRATECH, Phillips & Temro form new silencing company

SwRI® to launch catalyst and emission control technologies consortium

Volkswagen to take full control of Scania

Proventia announces NOxPAC™ SCR system for Tier 4 applications

WHO: Air quality in world’s cities deteriorates

Amminex launches City-SCR™ upgrade for Euro IV/V/EEV vehicles

April 2014

Continental acquires remaining interest in Emitec

Conference report: SAE 2014 Congress

Westport and Weichai launch WP12 HPDI engine

SwRI launches Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) research consortium

IPCC: Global greenhouse gas emissions accelerate

FEV and Neander develop turbo-diesel outboard marine engine

MECA releases US diesel retrofit sales figures for 2013

IMO upholds 2016 deadline for Tier III emission standards

March 2014

Nett VorTEQ DPF receives California verification

EU Commission investigates price fixing among automotive exhaust system suppliers

Johnson Matthey introduces integrated SCRT® system for stationary engines

Ford launches second generation 6.7 L Power Stroke for Super Duty pickups and medium-duty trucks

Cummins-Peterbilt SuperTruck achieves 10.7 mpg

US EPA adopts Tier 3 emission standards

February 2014

EU Parliament backs future CO2 emission rules for cars

US EPA/NHTSA to develop Phase 2 GHG and fuel economy standards for heavy-duty vehicles

Conference report: 12th CTI Forum Exhaust Systems

Westport announces Gas Enhanced Methane Diesel (GEMDi) technology

Cummins 2.8 L diesel revealed in Nissan concept truck

GM, Isuzu investing $60 million in Duramax engine plant

January 2014

EU proposes 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

GE acquires Cameron

Boeing seeking approval for blending renewable diesel into jet fuel

Yara acquires German SCR supplier H+H Umwelt

BASF announces HC trap technology for LEV III evaporative emission control

Tognum changes name to Rolls-Royce Power Systems

Mazda delays North American launch of Skyactiv diesel