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News Archive 2016

December 2016

US EPA to initiate rulemaking for low-NOx emission standards for heavy-duty on-road engines

US EPA, CARB announce Consent Decree for Volkswagen 3 liter diesel vehicles

EU TCMV agrees on 3rd real driving emissions (RDE) regulatory package

Faurecia acquires Amminex

EU SAM group recommends real driving CO2 monitoring

California proposes GHG scoping plan update

November 2016

US EPA proposes to keep 2025 GHG standards unchanged

European Commission proposes Clean Energy package

US EPA finalizes 2017 renewable fuel volume requirements

EU plans to support food-based biofuels through 2030

Deutz unveils new 9 L diesel engine

Mazda to offer diesel CX-5 in North America

MIRATECH acquires IP assets of Vaporphase

October 2016

Conference report: ASME ICE 2016 Fall Technical Conference

IMO upholds the 2020 date for global low sulfur marine fuel requirements

California emission regulations—Going forward

Deutz and Liebherr announce engine alliance

ICAO agrees on a market-based measure to offset CO2 emissions from aviation

Detroit Diesel to pay $28.5M over US Clean Air Act violations

September 2016

Conference report: SAE 2016 Heavy-Duty Emissions Control Symposium

Proventia and Excalibre launch Euro VI retrofit system in the UK

California adopts bill to control emissions of short-lived climate pollutants

Volvo tractor-trailer demonstrator achieves SuperTruck goals

Ricardo validates the ADEPT 48V diesel hybrid concept

California Governor signs 2030 climate change legislation

Volkswagen buys a stake in Navistar

August 2016

John Deere introduces PowerTech PSL 4.5L Tier 4 engine without DPF

France may have protected Renault in diesel emission probe

Westport to sell portion of Weichai joint venture interest

US DOE announces $137 million in funding for vehicle efficiency technologies

US EPA, DOT finalize Phase 2 GHG and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks

Nissan announces variable compression ratio engine

July 2016

US EPA confirms corrosion problem in diesel fuel underground storage tanks

VERT: Clean diesel projects in Israel

US EPA finalizes endangerment finding for GHG emissions from aircraft

Proventia Euro VI retrofit approved for Swedish Environmental Zones

US EPA: Carmakers on track to meet 2025 GHG standards, but the 54.5 mpg target is out of reach

Conference report: 3rd Conference on Sensors for Exhaust Gas Cleaning and CO2 Reduction

EU Parliament adopts Stage V emission standards for nonroad mobile machinery engines

June 2016

VW to spend up to $14.7 billion to settle US emission violations on 2.0 L diesels

Conference report: 2016 CIMAC Congress

Mercedes-Benz introduces new generation OM 470 diesel engine

Conference report: 20th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

Canada proposes locomotive emission standards

Wärtsilä transfers its share in WinGD to China’s CSSC

Volvo announces a fuel efficient concept truck

May 2016

Conference report: 5th BOSMAL Emissions Symposium

Mercedes-Benz announces RDE-compliant OM 654 diesel engine

Conference report: 37th International Vienna Motor Symposium

VERT provides an update on clean diesel projects in Iran

California releases draft Sustainable Freight Action Plan

April 2016

Conference report: SAE 2016 Congress

California ARB adopting approval procedure for aftermarket DPFs

Volkswagen and US authorities reach agreement in principle over diesel violations

Cummins unveils Stage V nonroad engines without EGR

MAN introduces a methanol-capable 2-stroke marine engine

CIMAC Congress to discuss challenges facing marine industry

Cummins receives Tier 4 locomotive certification for QSK95 engine

Renault reduces NOx emissions on Euro 6b diesel models

March 2016

US FTC sues Volkswagen over deceptive diesel advertising

Volvo Trucks unveils new 2017 powertrains

City of Haifa to retrofit 700 diesel vehicles with particulate filters

NOAA: Atmospheric CO2 concentrations increase at a record rate

US DOE announces $80 million SuperTruck II initiative

US EPA/NHTSA delay Phase 2 GHG rule for heavy-duty trucks

API approves new diesel engine oil standards

February 2016

US EPA announces 2016 clean diesel funding

ACEA releases position paper on CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles

Mercedes-Benz unveils the new OM 654 2.0 liter diesel engine

SwRI launches automotive cylinder head design consortium

January 2016

28th CIMAC World Congress in Helsinki, Finland

US DOT: 2015 on track to be most heavily traveled year

EU proposes changes to vehicle type approval framework

Call for papers: 20th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

California ARB rejects VW 2 liter engine recall plan

US Department of Justice files a lawsuit against Volkswagen