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News Archive 1998

December 1998

GM to develop hybrid diesel-electric bus

Report on Fisher-Tropsh technology from Rentech

EU agrees on emission standards for heavy-duty diesel engines

DaimlerChrysler to show diesel-powered concept truck

GM to increase its stake in Isuzu

EPA proposes emission regulations for large marine engines

Arvin acquires 49 percent of Zeuna Starker

SCA to equip vessels with NOx control catalysts

US federal advisory board to list diesel particulates as a carcinogen

Exxon and Mobil sign merger agreement

India's auto makers oppose plans to ban diesel cars in Delhi

November 1998

High levels of air pollution persist in Hong Kong

Demonstration project of OxyDiesel fuel launched in Illinois

CleanAIR catalytic converter certified in Sweden

Peugeot: sales of diesel powered cars will grow

DEEP to test Thermatrix technology

California introduces $25 million diesel engine replacement program

California approves LEV II emission regulations

US MSHA proposes diesel emission regulations for metal/nonmetal mines

Fuel Tech awarded $1.8 million contracts to supply NOx reduction installations

October 1998

Navistar to manufacture diesel engines in Brazil

Exxon and Toyota sign cooperation agreement

GM to recall 400,000 cars due to excessive emissions

Johnson Matthey to supply catalysts for Ballard

Johnson Matthey's CCT kit receives 0.1 g PM EPA certification for urban buses

US diesel engine makers reach $1 billion deal with the EPA

Chrysler, Syntroleum to develop sulfur-free fuel

CleanDIESEL soot filter receives approval by Swedish government

Minorco merges with Anglo American, sells its stake in Engelhard

US Congress passes biodiesel legislation

Cummins joins forces with Volvo, Mack

Syntroleum to seek certification for a synthetic diesel fuel

New study on diesel engines in coal mines

Fairbanks Morse receives $2.5 million order for new-technology dual-fuel engine

September 1998

California ARB calls for natural gas-powered school bus fleet

Peugeot & Ford in diesel deal

Argonne National Laboratory announces a clean diesel engine technology

Engelhard's ETX kit EPA-certified for urban buses

Navistar and Siemens to form fuel injector joint venture

Detroit Diesel increases production capacity of Series 60 engines

Volkswagen builds new engine plant in Poland

GM and Isuzu plan joint diesel engine plant in Ohio

California ARB orders repair plan for 330,000 Toyota and Lexus cars

August 1998

Doubletree Technologies: New process to control diesel emissions

California ARB identifies diesel particulate emissions as a Toxic Air Contaminant

Engine manufacturers hail favorable judgment in California Proposition 65 litigation

Nett catalysts receive 1998 OEMmie Award

ARB settles fuel violation case with Equilon Enterprises

New Isuzu diesel on GMC trucks

CleanAIR Systems introduces new diesel catalyst

Engelhard joint venture begins auto catalyst production in India

Next generation fuel systems from Caterpillar

Turbodyne responds to statements by Asensio

Asensio & Co.: Turbodyne possesses no valuable technology

Textron and DDC announce aero-diesel program

July 1998

Engine manufacturers commend California action on diesel exhaust

California ARB begins consideration of diesel exhaust as air toxic

EU Commission approves CO2 deal with car industry

France plans to increase its diesel fuel tax

Detroit Diesel to phase down two-stroke engines

EPA to simplify emission certification for light-duty vehicles

Volvo to buy a minority share in Deutz

ARB settles with Redding Petroleum over illegal diesel fuel sales

Volvo says no talks with Volkswagen beyond diesel cooperation

Panel discussion of new MSHA diesel engine regulations planned for ASME ICE Division conference

June 1998

EPA sues Mack Trucks

California ARB releases final Diesel Toxics Report

California starts up “Smog Check” for diesel trucks and buses

May 1998

HEI initiates new Diesel Epidemiology Project

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. announces test results of platinum/cerium diesel fuel additive

EPA considers emission standards for new marine diesel engines

Corning to build catalytic converter substrate facility in China

Daimler-Benz and Chrysler sign merger agreement

Fuel emulsification process to lower fuel costs and emissions

April 1998

EPA releases draft Tier 2 study

Engine manufacturers challenge California report on diesel exhaust

Palladium prices soar on speculation of worsening supply

MSHA proposes new diesel particulate matter exposure regulations for underground coal miners in the USA

Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild - DDC equipment certified for 0.1 g/bhp-hr PM standard on 2-stroke DDC engines

Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild - Engelhard equipment certified for 25% PM reduction from Cummins L10 engines

EPA releases a draft diesel emissions health assessment document

March 1998

Gas-to-liquids fuel technologies to commercialize

Ryobi supports California emission regulations

Cautious EU welcome for car makers' CO2 reduction plan

Ford and Mobil form strategic alliance

February 1998

Russian platinum near depletion

Lucas to receive new common rail order

National LEV program launched in the USAUSA

EPA investigates diesel emissions cheating

New Jersey to equip public sector trucks and school buses with catalytic converters

General Motors and Amoco announce joint clean diesel engine/fuel development program

Carmakers to push on with the National LEV program

January 1998

France to change car tax policies

EPA certified ECS system for 18% particulate reduction

MSHA releases the final version of Diesel Toolbox

MSHA approved diesel power package for permissible equipment

Deutz & AGCO finalize diesel agreement

EPA proposed Phase 2 regulations for small non-road engines