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News Archive 2015

December 2015

China designates emission control areas near major ports

Proventia to deliver SCR + DPF systems for Helsinki buses

SwRI AC2AT consortium launches second year of emission catalyst research

Paris climate conference ends with a weak deal, no emission reduction targets

Volkswagen releases initial results of emission investigation

November 2015

Conference report: ASME 2015 ICE Fall Technical Conference

California ARB releases technology assessment of heavy-duty hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, cargo handling equipment

Call for Papers: ASME 2016 ICE Fall Technical Conference (ICEF)

CTS acquires Filter Sensing Technologies

Volkswagen admits irregularities in CO2 type approval levels

US EPA finds illegal emission strategy in Volkswagen 3 L engines

October 2015

EU’s TCMV votes to adopt key elements to Real Driving Emissions test procedure

Conference report: Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum USA

DUH: Opel Zafira diesel shows emission testing irregularities

SwRI to launch 7th clean diesel engine consortium

Paccar launches MX-11 diesel engine in North America

California ARB releases draft Mobile Source Strategy

US EPA tightens federal ozone standard to 70 ppb

September 2015

Eleven million of Volkswagen diesel cars used dual calibration to defeat emissions

Amminex wins contract to upgrade Copenhagen city buses to Euro VI

US EPA, California notify Volkswagen of Clean Air Act violations

US National Academies release third review of the 21st Century Truck Partnership

Ford developing DME fueled cars

Westport and Fuel Systems Solutions announce merger

ICCT: US EPA Phase 2 GHG proposal falls short of SuperTruck program targets

August 2015

Eni announces a major gas discovery in the Egyptian offshore

California SCAQMD, ARB release draft technology assessment of commercial harbor craft

Kubota introduces new M5 Series utility tractors

US EPA proposes legislation to control methane emissions form the oil and gas sector

Mann+Hummel to acquire Affinia Group

July 2015

Caterpillar to build its own vocational trucks

Conference report: 19th ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

JRC releases final report from EU PEMS PM program

Conference report: Sensors for Exhaust Gas Cleaning and CO2 Reduction

EU MEPs vote to tighten national caps on pollutants

ESW launches Skyline™ aftermarket replacement DPFs

June 2015

US EPA, DOT propose Phase 2 GHG and fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks

Toyota introduces new diesel engine with thermal insulation coating

California ARB releases draft assessment of heavy-duty truck efficiency technologies

Daimler wins Steel Innovation Award for diesel car pistons

US EPA takes first steps to control GHG emissions from aircraft

US EPA proposes renewable fuel standards for 2014-2016

May 2015

Novvi announces first-ever 100% renewable base oils

EU’s TCMV votes to adopt Real Driving Emissions test procedure

California ARB releases DPF evaluation report

California ARB releases concept paper on short-lived climate pollutants

CWI ISL G natural gas engine to achieve 0.02 g/bhp-hr NOx

Volkswagen creates integrated commercial vehicles group

April 2015

Conference report: SAE 2015 Congress

EU to cap the use of land-based biofuels at 7%

Iran considering measures to reduce diesel emissions

Study: New ships less fuel efficient than those built in 1990

California ARB releases draft assessment of heavy-duty technology and fuels

Boston to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles used by the City and its contractors

Toyota introduces turbocharged gasoline engine with 36% thermal efficiency

March 2015

Achates, Cummins win $14 million military engine project

Cummins announces results of ATLAS 2.8-liter diesel engine program

Tenneco supplying SCR systems to Kubota

US biodiesel and renewable diesel imports decline 36% in 2014

US EPA awards 21 clean diesel grants under 2014 DERA funding

MECA releases US diesel retrofit sales figures for 2014

Neste Oil ramping up production of renewable diesel from waste and residues

February 2015

Mazda launches CX-3 diesel in Japan

Conference report: US EPA Workshop on Ultrafine Particles

US increases 2015 DERA funding to $30 million

EU Parliament votes to limit biofuels, account for ILUC emissions

BP releases Energy Outlook 2035

Corning launches new FLORA™ catalyst substrates

January 2015

ACES study finds no cancer in rats exposed to exhaust from US 2007 diesel engines

Conference report: CTI Conference Exhaust Systems

France increases biodiesel limit in diesel fuel to 8%

BASF announces next-generation PremAir® NXT catalyst

Volvo completes the acquisition of 45% of Dongfeng

Nett BlueMAX™ PLUS 100 SCR system receives US EPA verification

European truckmakers operated cartel for 14 years