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News Archive 2019

December 2019

Groupe PSA and FCA agree to merge

Conference report: Integer Emissions Summit USA

US EPA announces $44 million in 2020 DERA clean diesel grants

EU Commission presents European Green Deal

US EPA aligns diesel fuel regulations with IMO 2020 sulfur requirements

IAV develops phase change cooling (PCC) WHR concept

November 2019

Conference report: 17th FAD Conference

US EPA Cleaner Trucks Initiative—progress update

THIESEL 2020—Call for Papers

What is the long term potential of US shale resources?

Feature: Liebherr’s SCRFilter Stage V emission system

Woodward develops high-efficiency stoichiometric natural gas combustion process

October 2019

Conference report: ASME ICE 2019 Fall Technical Conference

US EPA relaxes PM emission requirements for generators in remote Alaska

WWFC Committee releases Worldwide Fuel Charter for Methane-Based Transportation Fuels

CARB approves $533 million clean transportation funding plan

Neste and Remondis to develop chemical recycling of plastic waste

Volvo Cars and Geely to merge their combustion engine operations

IJER editorial: The future of the internal combustion engine

Westport settles with US Securities and Exchange Commission over Chinese bribery case

September 2019

Conference report: 6th International Conference Aftertreatment & Sensors

US EPA withdraws CAA preemption waiver for California GHG and ZEV programs

Decoupling debunked: EEB report shows ‘green growth’ concept unrealistic

US EPA, DOT warn California over fuel economy deal with carmakers

US EPA corrects fuel economy estimates for Volkswagen vehicles

Volkswagen introduces dual SCR technology on diesel cars

August 2019

MIT study compares emission benefits of electrified and lightweighted vehicles

US EPA proposes amendments to marine engine emission standards

Colombia to adopt Euro VI emission standards

Joint Industry Guidance on the supply and use of 0.50%-sulfur marine fuel

Brazil raises biodiesel mandate to B11

Germany’s KBA approves first SCR retrofit kit for diesel cars

California announces $40 million incentive program for clean off-road freight equipment

July 2019

Nissan to cut 12,500 jobs

Four automakers strike fuel efficiency deal with California

Study finds Permian basin well fracking underreported by over 20%

Conference report: 23rd ETH Conference on Combustion Generated Nanoparticles

UK report: Energy demand reduction crucial to achieve zero-carbon economy

Continental unveils 48-volt high-power drive system

June 2019

Conference report: 2019 CIMAC Congress

EU: Average CO2 emissions from new cars increase in 2018 for the second consecutive year

Canada and California sign MOU to work together on cleaner transportation

BP Statistical Review shows strong global energy demand and rising emissions

FCA announces 2020 Ram 1500 with Gen 3 V-6 EcoDiesel

FCA-Renault merger talks collapse

WinGD launches new low-speed, two-stroke engines

Mazda accepting orders for Skyactiv-X with SPCCI technology

May 2019

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations reach 415 ppm

Conference report: 40th International Vienna Motor Symposium

Fiat Chrysler proposes 50-50 merger with Renault

MAN Engines releases first IMO Tier III engines for workboats

IEA: Global energy security and sustainability concerns are growing

Faurecia to support existing fleets with Amminex retrofits

April 2019

Conference report: SAE WCX 2019 Congress

CARB releases feasibility assessment of low NOx standards for HD diesel engines

Fiat fined $6.4 million for diesel emissions violations in California

Mazda accepts pre-orders for diesel Mazda CX-5 in the US market

Study explains the failure mode of Cu/SAPO-34 SCR catalysts

EU car makers further away from their 2021 CO2 targets

European Commission accuses BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen of blocking SCR and GPF technology

March 2019

IEA: Global energy demand rose by 2.3% in 2018, its fastest pace in the last decade

ADAC releases test results of retrofit SCR systems for EU cars and LCVs

FCA recalls over 850,000 gasoline vehicles due to excessive NOx emissions

Canada proposes emission standards for large off-road SI engines and stationary CI engines

IEA releases Oil 2019—a global oil market forecast through 2024

NREL awards $18 million to advance medium- and heavy-duty NGV technologies

Average CO2 emissions from EU cars increase to 120.5 g/km

February 2019

Trump administration ends talks with California over light-duty GHG/CAFE standards

ADAC: Emissions from new Euro 6 diesels well below regulatory limits

EU agrees on CO2 emission targets for heavy-duty trucks

BP releases Energy Outlook 2019

UK: IMechE recommends rail electrification instead of hydrogen trains

EU market share of diesel cars falls to 36%, the lowest since 2001

January 2019

More ports ban open-loop scrubbers

US diesel sales increase in 2018

Ford to cut thousands of jobs in Europe

FCA settles with US EPA, CARB over diesel emissions cheating

European New Periodical Technical Inspection (NPTI)—Status update

BAE to supply 194 hybrid bus systems to Boston MBTA

Volvo Group to take SEK 7 billion charge over faulty emission controls