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News Archive 1997

December 1997

EPA sets framework for the National LEV program

LucasVarity wins major common rail diesel commitments

Platinum Plus diesel fuel additive reduces particulate emissions by 25% in fleet tests

Caterpillar buys Perkins Engines

Greenhouse gas agreement reached in Kyoto

Cummins Engine buys Nelson Industries

Siemens developing automotive SCR catalyst system

November 1997

Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild—EPA certifies Johnson Mathey equipment

Urban Bus Retrofit/Rebuild—DDC to certify equipment

California study links smog levels with hospitalizations

EPA certifies Nelson system for 25% PM reduction

NOPEC Corporation to certify urban bus rebuild/retrofit equipment

IMPCO opens new gaseous fuel technology center

Detroit Diesel inaugurates Detroit Diesel Motores Do Brasil operation

Thermatrix and Lucas sign development agreement for diesel engine emission control

MSHA releases compliance guide for regulations on diesel-powered equipment in coal mines

October 1997

Nissan will build diesel engines in Spain

New EU plans to cut emissions by 2010

Turbodyne receives initial purchase order for urban bus program

Caterpillar and Isuzu announce fuel injector program

Final US EPA emission standards for heavy-duty diesel engines

September 1997

European emission standards to boost precious metals use

Clean Diesel additive reduces particulate emissions

VarityPerkins signs Indian engine agreement

Detroit Diesel introduces full line of automotive diesel engines

Isuzu seeks buyers for Polish diesel engines

US EPA proposed new emission standards for non-road diesel engines

August 1997

Detroit Diesel Corporation and Turbodyne apply for EPA certification

NIOSH and NCI call a meeting on exposure to diesel exhaust

New small diesel engine from Yanmar

New heavy-duty truck engine from Cummins

July 1997

Final US standards for particulate matter and ozone

Diesel engine agreement between Isuzu and GM

Nelson applies for EPA urban bus rebuild/retrofit certification

June 1997

Engelhard intends to certify UBRR equipment for 25% PM reduction from 4-stroke L-10 Cummins engines

ECS intends to certify urban bus retrofit/rebuild equipment for 4-stroke diesel engines

May 1997

Turbodyne plans to apply for the 0.1 g/bhp-hr UBRR certification

Daewoo raises stake in Polish diesel engine manufacturer

Renault & Daewoo sign diesel agreement

Perkins signs diesel venture in China

ARB & OEHHA release draft diesel toxics report

EPA establishes framework for national LEV program in the USA

New York may start heavy truck emissions tests

April 1997

Nissan Diesel co-develops particulate filter

MSHA releases draft of new publication on diesel emissions

EPA releases Tier 2 Study White Paper

March 1997

Clean Diesel Technologies develops SCR NOx control system

Engelhard has formed a joint-venture in India

EPA certifies Engelhard system under the UBRR program

February 1997

Auto-emission catalysts to be produced in Thailand

EPA proposes first-ever standards to protect against pollution from locomotives

January 1997

Johnson Matthey intends to certify equipment for the 0.1 g/bhp-hr PM UBRR program

Varity-Perkins adds four-cylinder engine to line-up

Mando’s automotive smoke filter production

EPA certifies ECS system for 25% PM reduction under the UBRR program